PotteryJo Tableware staples take you through the day with the simple joy of food, timeless Scandinavian design, (and mindset). Made to last in Portugal.

Founded in 2011 by the Swedish gardening and food enthusiast Johanna Hampf who strongly believe in the nurturing aspect of a well-prepared meal on a plate as the foundation for wellbeing. Nature itself is the biggest source of inspiration in color and shape for PotteryJo.

PotteryJo combines artisanal processes, clean lines, nature inspired color palette & functionality. As a small business we strongly believe in the global values of craft and community. We actively build relationships with the people who buy, use and love our products. Each piece is designed to last and manufactured using the best materials available. The end result is a product that intersects a Scandinavian aesthetic with an artisan finish. Our tableware happily fits into any interior, providing a timeless alternative to mass-produced-tableware. PotteryJo tableware is sustainably crafted with care in high-quality stoneware and ceramics - created, fired and hand-finished in Portugal, designed in Sweden.

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